Raices Retreat & Spa in Sacred Valley Cusco Peru offers a variety of unique accommodations scattered across lush landscaped grounds, each nestled amidst verdant gardens with stunning panoramic views.

Raices is a unique destination for rejuvenating yoga and wellness retreats in The Sacred Valley of Peru. Dedicated to healing the mind, body & spirit, Raices welcomes individuals and groups to enjoy its amazing mountain top location, two yoga halls with spectacular views.

Everything about this place is purely magical. The grounds are impeccable featuring fruit, herbs, and flowers. The food is cooked with love and extremely delicious. The units offer breathtaking views. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. It is a retreat center of a lifetime!


Raices de Arin is a place of serenity and simplicity, where one can connect to oneself and to nature, in a community of like-minded people, a sacred space for people from all over the world to come and connect with their inner wisdom, to explore the many paths to healing, to nurture their bodies in the ultimate natural setting.

Our accommodation is located in the uniquely tranquil village of Arín, nestled at the foot of the majestic mountain Pitusiray, near beautiful waterfalls that are accessed by walking. You will find spaces full of tranquility to relax and connect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle.

We provide intimate lodging, cozy private rooms, bathrooms. fireplace, garden with hammocks, and a meditation/healing salon.

We provide and intimate B&B with panoramic mountain views, cozy private rooms, bathrooms. fireplace, garden with hammocks, organic meals and more.

The houses are built using traditional, natural and local materials such as adobe, wood, and stone, achieving a wonderful harmony with nature while providing modern comfort.

  You will find our accommodation amidst this unique landscape and it consists of Houses, Cabañas, Suites and a Ceremonial/ yoga studio, Organic gardens etc. We provide you with an equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances (electric / gas cooker, full size refrigerator, blender, coffee maker).

Fireplaces in several of the houses with dining tables, living room, internet access (WiFi). On top of that you will be able to enjoy beautiful gardens featuring ponds, waterfalls, creeks, wood fire adobe oven, hammocks for rest and relaxation, and breathtaking views of the Pitusiray mountains. Plenty of outdoor seating will allow you to enjoy meals in the fresh mountain air.

Rates per night per person:

Our apartments fit up to 2 people each. They are fully furnished with a private bathroom and a well equipped kitchenette and dining space.


Our cozy house has capacity for 3 people and has a private bathroom and well equipped kitchen, fireplace and dining space.


It is our most spacious accommodation option. It features 2 double rooms, bathroom, an open-plan kitchen, living/dining space, fireplace and balconies.


Yoga / Ceremony Temple: Spectacular views of the sorounding mountains, specially mountain Pitusiray, complete yoga gear, bathrooms, and amazing nature views. It is 12 meters in diameter, glass walls that allow spectacular views of The Valley.

Join us for a retreat

FACILITATORS: Raices is especially designed to accommodate up to 18 people in each section for an all-inclusive retreat experience as well as complete support for your Teacher Training Programs. Please contact us directly for more information. We look forward to holding the space for your next retreat, helping to make it the best experience possible for you and your group. Allow us to hold the space for your next workshop, retreat or teacher training!   We look forward to holding the space for your next retreat, workshop or teacher training. helping to make it the best experience possible for you and your group.

PARTICIPANTS: We hope you will join one of our events and one of the many diverse options offered.

Available extras while on retreat at RAICES Retreat Center.

Optional Therapies & Activities:


Essential oils of muña or eucalyptus and other Anden medicinal herbs such as coca leaf that has been one of the most important foods for the Andean people because of its high mineral and amino acid content, while muña is an age-old herb with high medicinal values. The relaxing massage of coca and muña oils will allow you to feel revitalized and in spiritual connection with the Andes.

Coca reading

One of them, the most popular among tourists is The coca leaf reading. Coca leaves, depending on their shapes and textures, can tell us about our past, present and even the future. These sacred leaves are considered a very important activity for The Inca’s everyday lives and for their religious ceremonies.

Music therapy and sound healing

Immerse yourself into a sound ceremony with pre-Columbian musical instruments, mantras and voices, sounds of natural environments of the andes, jungle and sea, low frequencies and cosmic ambiences.

Despacho Ceremony

Ceremonial offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits). Despachos also help align personal energies with the cosmic ones. A personal despacho is an opportunity to really focus on any areas of your life where you feel you need support or would like to ask for blessings. It is quite a powerful way to set your intentions and let them go.

Temazcal Ceremony

Join us for a purification and healing ceremony, you will cleanse and deeply heal as you are lead through the 4 doors of our prehispanic Sweat lodge Ceremony. Upon leaving the Temazcal the sensation has been described as a re-birth experience, re-uniting in the same world with a clearer vision and inner peace.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremony

Ayahuasca, San Pedro Ceremonies Yoga Classes and Cosmology/symbolism of the Andes.

Raices Retreat Center offers a year round retreat sanctuary. A personal retreat is a self-guided experience. Although guidance is available, a personal retreat is a customized approach to your wellness. Whether you want quiet time to reflect and relax or you prefer to receive private training in holistic modalities, Raices can help you build your perfect retreat.
  • Massage & Wellness Services
  • Energy Healing and Therapies
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Flower/Aromatherapy Baths
  Available enhancements while on retreat at RAICES Retreat Center
  • Yoga Instruction
  • Meditation instruction
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • Body work such as massage
  • Sweat lodge
  • And much more!

We currently have openings for our work exchange program in:

  • Building and construction
  • Tourism management (AirBnB, yoga retreats)
  • Permaculture
  • Organic Food Business
  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Art & Handcrafts skills (painting, mossaic, sewing, etc.)
How it works

In exchange for 25 hours a week of work, volunteers are entitled to stay free at our beautiful space. We recommend bringing whatever supplies you need to be comfortable. The schedule is typically Monday - Friday and your tasks may change through the week, as there is always a variety of projects to work on.

Volunteers must have positive personalities, open to working in any of the departments above, and commit to a minimum of one month. Use of the community kitchen is available to all volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for their own food and toiletries. Fruit and vegetable orders are placed weekly. Yoga classes are provided during the week.

To apply, download the work exchange application and email to: info@raicesinkas.com

How can we support you?

If you would like more information about Raices Retreat Center please contact us to: info@raicesinkas.com

If you are specifically interested in hosting a retreat contact us directly.

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